Assistant Professor • Leiden University

Portfolio Category: International publications


The present paper investigates how rewards as well as punishments – implemented to enforce the social norm of cooperation – impact the reputations of the leaders administering them. Moreover, we investigate whether and how the effects of norm enforcement decisions on leaders' reputations change when – due to behavioral noise – they are unable to…
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Numerous studies have demonstrated that sanctions can promote cooperation. However, it is not only important to know that sanctions can work, but also under what conditions people are actually willing to sanction cooperation positively (i.e., reward) or non-cooperation negatively (i.e., punish). In this article, we demonstrate that people use sanctions less often and sanction more…
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To promote cooperation, people often rely on the administration of sanctions. However, from previous research we know that those in control of sanctions are generally reluctant to punish non-cooperative choice behavior and prefer to reward cooperative choice behavior, which is consistent with the do-no-harm principle. We propose that people are reluctant to punish because they…
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In social dilemmas, unrestricted freedom to pursue the immediate individual interests may be detrimental to the collective interest. Sanctions (either positive or negative) are often proposed as structural solutions to social dilemmas. But how effective are sanctions when it comes to promoting cooperation? And, how willing are people to implement such sanctions? To answer these…
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